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What is Gold? Gold is a product to a gold mining company; the best product in today’s world – gold stocks will soar! How are you going to gain from it?

gold prospectorSo where do Gold and Silver come from? From who do we get it? The answer to these questions is great gold mining companies. Who will profit most from Gold? YOU, if you own top quality gold mining stocks. Gold isn’t easy to find and gets harder and harder all the time. Miners find themselves in remote and sometimes dangerous areas of the world. Sitting in a comfy chair, in an office in a city or suburban area, it may be hard for you to imagine working in the most remote areas of the world. Flying to a camp hundreds of miles from the nearest town of 75 people, in the middle of nowhere, out in the jungle or desert, isn’t practical for most people. Now imagine the logistics of operating in these remote areas, bringing people in, shelter, food, water, and huge amounts of specialized equipment. Miners accomplish amazing things, meet extraordinary challenges to discover and extract minerals like gold that we need to build the tools we use in our daily lives. Despite gold and silver (and gold mining stocks) being the most important investments one can make in this day and age, few will actually venture out to the wilds of the world to find and extract physical gold themselves. The companies that succeed in bringing gold to the market, and those individuals who own stock in those companies, will be rich.

So, if you’re not out in the bush kicking rocks yourself, how are you going to know which gold mining stocks to pick? You have to hire someone to do all of that hard work for you. Obviously, personal research into gold mining stocks has to be done too, but as far as interviewing mining executives and touring mines and claims, there are research teams out there who do this year round with extreme success. Casey Research is among the best for discovering the best gold mining stocks.

If you want to earn huge gains, you have to buy things when they are really cheap. This takes courage and, over the last 40 years, Doug Casey has proven himself to be an extremely courageous and successful investor and speculator time and time again. When it comes to picking top gold mining stocks, Casey is the best and the team he’s put together is genius – they scour the earth to find their subscribers the best gold mining stocks. Doug wrote a book in the late ‘70’s called, Crisis Investing. He was only about 30 years old and the book is really the work of genius. If you read it, you will understand why some call him a guru – he has a sixth sense for how to make multiples on his money. Doubles, triples, even 10 and 20 baggers, 100 baggers (100 times his original investment), in profit! In the ‘70’s, during the last gold bull market, Casey was busy getting rich by choosing the top gold mining stocks. Doug’s record is truly amazing and Crisis Investing is really worth a read. You can read his speculator biography by signing up to Casey’s free, weekly letter, Conversations with Casey.

Conversations with Casey is, week after week, thoroughly amusing and informative. A lot has changed over the years, but Doug has been a ‘gold bug’ and has picked top earning gold mining stocks for decades. Few have such a deep understanding of how gold is the world’s money and how buying gold mining stock in companies that find gold and produce it can make you very, very rich.

Gold washing in CaliforniaThe Casey Report I subscribe to this letter and numerous others and I literally can’t wait to receive them month after month. I usually read them in one sitting and then read select articles over and over throughout the month. I like to learn about how to invest in gold and other asset classes and I have found Casey’s work to be some of the best bang for my educational buck. Doug Casey on gold mining stocks) and the junior mining sector (small companies with mining prospects or early stage mining developments):

“I would be very bullish on them, even if we were only talking about the solid fundamentals, the long base building process, the low market caps, and the low level of interest in them. But what’s going to supercharge them is the tidal wave of currency units now saturating the financial landscape and the psychological reaction of millions of investors to the continuing deluge. Many more bubbles are inevitably, and predictably, going to be created. And junior resource stocks are not only the most likely bubble-to-come but also very likely the biggest.”

The majors will also do extremely well, but the juniors offer the maximum leverage. When Mrs. Buggins in east Nowhere, Iowa, decides she has to get in she will probably tell her broker to buy $10,000 of Barrick and another $10,000 of some highly promoted penny stock. Her purchase will have no effect on Barrick, but it alone could noticeably move the penny stock. Multiply that by billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of buyers.

As I’ve said before and will say again before this is over, the effect on the market will be like trying to squeeze the contents of the Hoover Dam through a garden hose. Having been in this most volatile and cyclical of markets for almost 40 years, I feel the dam getting ready to burst, not just overflow.

Ladies and gentlemen these gold mining stocks are going to be the best way to invest in gold. They’re the best shot you have at not just keeping the wealth you have, but dramatically increasing it, if you do your homework and follow the guidance of seasoned researchers like Casey Research.

casey gold nuggets

Below, are a few videos displaying how much fun you can have actually panning gold and how challenging this work is. Finding gold makes finding a needle in a haystack seem like shooting fish in a barrel. Miners go through tonnes of dirt to find tiny fractions of a gram of gold. Me, I’m opting to enjoy the comfort of my warm, dry home and leave the prospecting and discovery to the pros! If you are keen to get out and try your hand at prospecting you can buy prospecting equipment online at

gold genie smThere’s a really cool machine in this video from GoldBottom Gold tours in Dawson City Yukon. It’s a spiral gold wheel which makes it much easier to process material.

Check out the Gold Genie Spiral Gold Wheel on BlackCatMining.

ace 250 smFor this little find, another in Australia, the gentleman in this video used a metal detector similar to this one.

Check out the Ace 250 Metal Detector on BlackCatMining.

jobe highbankerIn this video the miners have trenched the side of a hill to take samples. This is sometimes done in order to determine if there is gold. The miners then use a sluice box with a bilge pump and a couple of buckets to process their samples.

Here are two different versions of the make shift device.

couples kitIn this video a Teenager gets lucky and finds a nugget that at the time was worth $5500, but now, that nugget is worth much much more! The Teen had been panning for Gold with his Dad for years, in local creeks and streams. He just happened to get very lucky on a fishing trip and found this huge Gold nugget.

Check out the Gold Panning Kit for Couples on BlackCatMining.

proline sluiceThis Gentleman uses a sluice box and the natural flow of the river to clean up some fine gold. Sure looks like a peaceful and prosperous labor of love, out on the river.

Check out the 50″ Proline Sluice Box on BlackCatMining.

This video features a huge 23 ounce gold nugget found in South Australia. This nugget was found with a metal detector, a pick and a shovel!

That’s a nice BIG FIND!

In this video the gentleman uses a dredge to actually “vacuum” the river bottom while scuba diving. Pretty cool and profitable. He then cleans up his gold with a spiral gold wheel like the one above. If you are interested in dredging have a look here.