Gold is Money

Gold has always been accepted around the world as a means of exchange and a store of value – the mark of good money. Gold is money because it is uniquely suited for being our money, not because it’s shiny and fancy looking, but because it is actually the most practical choice. What makes Gold the good money? Gold is money because gold is durable. Other choices from the past like wheat, hemp, fish, cows, or even people, cannot endure the test of time – only gold can. Gold is money because Gold is divisible and consistent. Pure gold is worth exactly the same amount per unit regardless of how it is divided; it is all just gold. Making change for a cow is far too messy, cumbersome and subjective. If you take a pretty, shiny, 1 ounce coin and chop it in half with a hatchet, you have two half ounce pieces of gold. Melt it down and pour it into 10 1/10 ounces and all 10 pieces together will equal the value of the original one ounce gold piece. Gold is money because gold is portable. One ounce of gold has almost always had the same ‘purchasing power’ throughout history.

casey gold nuggetsIt is said that in Rome, one ounce of gold would buy a nice toga, a belt and a pair of shoes. Today, an ounce of gold is worth about $1400 so this is relatively accurate. One ounce of gold won’t buy you the best suit on the market, but that tiny little one ounce coin packs a purchasing power punch; $1400 in the palm of your hand. A hand bag filled with gold coins, about the same weight as Paris Hilton’s dog (say three pounds), would be worth around $70000! Gold is well-suited for traveling or moving abroad because people around the world accept it. And, lastly and perhaps most misunderstood, gold is money because it has intrinsic value, it is extra ordinarily useful in ways that nothing else on earth or the known universe is useful.

Gold, in the form of gold nanoparticles, is used in extremely high technology like space travel and cutting edge cancer treatments. Gold is both the most ductile (one ounce can be pulled into an extremely thin wire 35 miles long!) and most malleable (can be pounded into an extremely thin wafer, so thin that light passes through it – 1 5/1000000 of an inch thin!) element in the known universe. Gold is the second best conductor of heat and electricity next to silver. Paired with gold’s rarity, gold’s amazing properties make it extremely valuable as money and to the progress of science and technology and ultimately mankind. For now, you can easily make an Investment in Gold, Trade Gold Online, and Save your Wealth in Gold. Just hurry and buy gold now because, as the prices rise, it won’t always be this easy! Gold is money, gold is the world’s true money.

“The great merit of gold is precisely that it is scarce; that its quantity is limited by nature; that it is costly to discover, to mine, and to process; and that it cannot be created by political fiat or caprice.”

~ Henry Hazlitt

Gold is rare and so are the people who know how to find it

Compared to other goods, there is very little gold in the world. Gold is hard to find and only brilliant miners discover gold – or the very lucky! It has been said that all of the gold that has ever been mined, would fit under the canopy of a typical, North American gas station. It gets harder and harder all the time to mine gold, as well as to refine it. Companies who know where to find gold and how to get it out of the ground are going to thrive in the near future and prices of many of these companies will explode. This is a powerful multi-year bull market, and owning stock in companies who mine gold is another way to become rich. Those who do the best research will make a fortune. There are challenges to evaluating mining companies and few have the expertise to do the research. It’s highly recommended that investors find a reliable source of information that has been proven over time. Casey Research has an incredible record of success and they are among the best in the world at bringing reliable, profitable information to their subscribers. They offer many free reports as well as their high quality newsletters and super exclusive services for serious investors. I’ve enjoyed Casey’s products for years, I have profited from them and I recommend them whole heartedly. When everyone else was hiding under their covers during the crash of 2008, scared witless to make a decision, Casey Research and their subscribers were investing in gold and silver and the best of the best mining stocks for pennies! Many enjoy gains as high as 1000% from Casey Research’s recommended mining stocks. Like super successful investors, gold is rare; another reason why gold is money.

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Gold is perfectly divisible

Gold is money because it is consistent and divisible. A speck of pure gold dust has the same per unit value as a pure gold bar. Gold comes in dust, flakes, leaves, grams, 1/10 of an ounce coins, ¼ ounce coins, ½ ounce coins, one ounce coins, one ounce bars, five ounce bars, 10 ounce bars, and colossal 100 ounce and 1000 ounce bars. Recently, the Royal Canadian Mint made a 100 kg gold coin with a $1 million face value (see video). If you crunch the numbers, it’s actually worth much more. One hundred kilograms is 3520 ounces so multiply that by the current price of gold. Today, this coin is worth almost 5 million dollars! Divisibility and consistency is another reason why gold is and always will be the world’s money. Money must be divisible. If you cut a dollar bill in half you have two useless pieces of paper. Being divisible and consistent is part of the reason gold is money.

“Borrowers will default. Markets will collapse. Gold (the ultimate form of safe money) will skyrocket.”

~ Michael Belkin

“Start now buying gold coins, any kind, and hoarding them.”

~ Dr. John L. King

To learn the basics of how to invest in gold bullion, it’s important to do some reading and then ask questions. Take a coin shop owner out for coffee and get to know them – visit at least three to five shops to get a feel for the individual. Over time, pick their brain about all the nuances of the gold bullion and coin market. Then, cross reference what you have found in your reading with what they tell you. It’s an important topic: Gold and how to own it. In building wealth, one needs to learn as much as possible about gold. Some gold coin shop owners may be able to help you to understand why gold is money.

Gold is Durable. Gold is practically inert; it’s almost totally resistant to corrosion

Gold cannot be destroyed and a gold coin can sit on the bottom of the ocean for all eternity without rusting; just one more reason why Gold is Money, and why it always has been in civilizations throughout the world and known history. Other goods can rust or rot or be destroyed with fire or by water, but gold cannot, gold is durable. Gold is money because money must be durable and nothing is as durable as gold.

“As fewer and fewer people have confidence in paper as a store of value, the price of gold will continue to rise.”

~Jerome F. Smith

Gold is the most ductile element in the known universe

One ounce of gold, slightly larger than a 25 cent piece, may be pulled into a wire 35 miles long! Gold is a truly astounding natural element with very special properties. This property makes gold useful in making jewellery, but it’s also crucial for semiconductors and micro circuitry in computers, cellular phones and audio visual equipment. Gold is money because it is uniquely suited for very difficult jobs.

Gold nanoparticles are used in cutting edge cancer treatments

These golden nanoparticles are injected into malignant tumours and a blast from a radio frequency generator causes the gold to heat up and cook the cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, which have toxic side effects, scientists believe that the gold treatment leaves the healthy cells unharmed. Gold is money, because is has value in and of itself. Only gold can do what it does.

Space shuttleGold is a gift, necessary for space travel and some of our other highest achievements

Gold is money because it has value in and of itself. It can be said that without gold, man would have never reached the moon. Gold is a stable lubricant which makes it useful in the extreme conditions of space. It reflects heat so gold is used to coat space shuttles and in the windows of modern high rise buildings. It also reflects visible light, so gold is used in the face shield of astronauts’ helmets to protect their eyes from harmful radiation. Gold has been highly useful in mankind’s quest for new frontiers. The fact that gold has value in and of itself is another reason why gold is money.

“No other commodity enjoys as much universal acceptability and marketability as gold.”

~ Hans F. Sennholz