Top 5 Rare Coins for Investors

Top 5 Rare Coins for Investors

As an investor, you may be wondering what rare coins are and why they are worth investing in. Rare coins are those that are not often found in circulation and are usually older than most other coins. Their value lies in their rarity, age, and condition. While there are many types of rare coins, they all have one thing in common: they are valuable investments.

Investors can purchase many different types of coins, but some are rarer than others. Here is a list of the top 5 rare coins for investors:

  • 1794 Silver Dollar

1794 silver dollars are considered by many to be the most valuable and rarest of all American coins. Struck in small numbers for only one year, these coins were minted at the first U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Each coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper, weighing 26.96 grams.

There are several different varieties of 1794 silver dollars, each with its own unique features. The most valuable and rarest variety is the Flowing Hair dollar, which was minted in only 1,758 pieces. This variety is distinguished by its obverse design, which features Liberty with flowing hair.

Other varieties of 1794 silver dollars include the Draped Bust dollar, which was minted in slightly larger numbers than the Flowing Hair dollar. This variety is distinguished by its obverse design, which features Liberty with a more modest hairstyle.

Here are some of the features that make the 1794 silver dollar a top rare coin:

  1. The 1794 silver dollar was the first silver dollar minted by the United States.
  2. It was also the largest silver coin minted by the United States at the time.
  3. The obverse of the coin features Lady Liberty, and the reverse features an eagle.
  4. The coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper.
  5. Only 1,758 of these coins were minted in 1794.
  • 1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece 

1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece 

One of the rarest and most highly sought-after coins by collectors and investors is the 1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece. Minted by the U.S. Mint in only 800 examples. The coin was never released for circulation, and all examples were stored away until 1834, when President Andrew Jackson gifted foreign dignitaries with them. Many of these examples found their way back into American hands, and today they are some of the most expensive and rarest coins in the world.

Here are some of the unique features of this coin that make it a great choice for investors:

  1. The 1804 Gold Ten Dollar Piece is the only coin of its kind. There are only fifteen known to exist in the world.
  2. The coin was minted in very small quantities. Just 1,500 were struck.
  3. The coin has a unique history. It was minted to commemorate the Lewis and Clark expedition and was given to important dignitaries, including Thomas Jefferson.
  4. The coin is composed of 90% gold.
  • 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most sought-after by investors when it comes to rare coins. Minted by the United States Mint, only a handful of these coins are known to exist, making them extremely valuable.

Double eagles were initially produced in 1849, but the design was updated in 1907 by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The new design featured a more naturalistic eagle and a higher relief, making the coins more difficult and expensive to produce. As a result, very few double eagles were minted in the 1920s and 1930s.

In 1933, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression, and President Franklin Roosevelt took steps to end the gold standard. As part of this effort, the Mint ceased production of gold coins and began melting down existing gold coins. It is believed that only a small number of 1933 double eagles were saved from being melted down, making them extremely rare and valuable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why this coin is so special:

  1. It was the last Double Eagle produced by the U.S. Mint before the recall of gold coins in 1933.
  2. This makes it one of the rarest and, therefore, valuable Double Eagles in existence. -It is also the only Double Eagle that was ever issued with the special 1933 date.
  3. The coin was designed by the world-renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
  4. The obverse (front) of the coin features a stunning image of Lady Liberty, while the reverse (back) features a bald eagle in flight.
  • 1804 Silver Dollar

 The 1804 silver dollar is considered to be one of the top rare coins because of its unique history and its scarcity. The 1804 silver dollar was minted in response to a diplomatic mission to the East Indies. The mission was a failure, but coins minted for it are now some of the most valuable in the world. Only fifteen known 1804 silver dollars exist, making them a very rare and desirable coin.

Here are the top three reasons why the 1804 Silver Dollar is a great rare coin for investors:

  1. The 1804 Silver Dollar is the rarest silver dollar. There are only 15 known specimens in existence.
  2. The 1804 Silver Dollar has a unique history. It was minted in 1834, but the date was mistakenly struck as 1804. As a result, the coin is actually older than it appears.
  3. The 1804 Silver Dollar is valuable not only for its silver content but also for its rarity and unique history. It is one of the most valuable coins in the world, with some specimens selling for millions of dollars.
  • 1870-S Three Dollar Gold Piece  

The 1870-S Three Dollar Gold Piece is a rare coin that is highly sought after by investors. This coin was minted in 1870, and only a limited number were made. The value of this coin has increased significantly over the years, and it is now one of the most valuable coins in the world.

Here are some of the unique features that make this coin a wise investment:

  1. The coin was minted in only one year (1870), making it a true rarity.
  2. It is composed of 90% gold, making it a valuable precious metal coin.
  3. The coin has a unique design that is not found on any other U.S. coin.
American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold Reviews

American Hartford Gold is a company that specializes in gold IRA investments. They are committed to helping their clients protect their retirement savings and grow their wealth. American Hartford Gold is one of the leading providers of gold IRA services in the United States. They offer a wide range of services and products to their clients, and they are dedicated to providing the best possible experience.

As a provider of physical gold and silver bullion products, American Hartford Gold Group offers investors a way to diversify their portfolios with a hard asset. They specialize in meeting the needs of investors who are seeking an alternative to paper assets, such as stocks and bonds. American Hartford Gold Group’s mission is to provide its clients with the highest quality service and products at the best prices possible. They are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients and providing them with the education and resources they need to make informed investment decisions.

What Makes American Hartford Gold Sets Apart from Other Precious Metal Companies

Precious metals like gold and silver have been used as a form of currency and investment for centuries. American Hartford Gold is a company that specializes in investing in precious metals. Here are some advantages of investing in precious metals from American Hartford Gold:

  • Transparent Pricing of American Hartford Gold

When it comes to making decisions about our finances, we all want to know that we’re getting the best possible deal. We work hard for our money, so we should be able to trust that we’re spending it wisely. When it comes to investing in gold, it’s important to know that you’re getting a good price for your investment.

The American Hartford Gold Group is committed to providing its customers with the most transparent pricing possible. They want you to feel confident that you’re getting a fair price for your gold, and they are committed to providing the best possible service.

  • Market Knowledge

When it comes to investing in precious metals, American Hartford Gold Group is a company that you can trust. They have been in the business for years and have a solid reputation. They are a full-service precious metals company that can help you with everything from buying and selling to storage and delivery.

One of the advantages of working with American Hartford Gold Group is their market knowledge. They keep up with the latest trends and changes in the precious metals market, so they can give you the most accurate information and advice. This is an important factor to consider when making any investment, and it can help you make the best decisions for your portfolio.

If you are looking for a company to work with when investing in precious metals, American Hartford Gold Group should be at the top of your list. Their experience, reputation, and market knowledge make them a trusted source.

  • Shipping And Handling Quality

When it comes to investing in precious metals, American Hartford Gold is a top choice for many investors. One of the reasons why American Hartford Gold is so popular is because of the company’s commitment to shipping and handling quality. In fact, American Hartford Gold takes great pride in its shipping and handling quality advantages.

Some of the advantages that American Hartford Gold offers investors include the following:

– A commitment to shipping and handling quality

– A focus on customer satisfaction

– A dedication to providing a safe and secure investment experience

American Hartford Gold is a top choice for many investors because of the company’s commitment to shipping and handling quality. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a dedication to providing a safe and secure investment experience, American Hartford Gold is the perfect choice for those looking to invest in precious metals.

  • Commitment To Clients

American Hartford Gold Group is committed to providing the best possible service and experience to our clients. They understand that their client’s success is their success, and they take pride in their work and the relationships they build with their clients.

They are proud to offer their clients a variety of services and products, including precious metals investing. They believe that precious metals offer a unique and valuable opportunity for investors, and they are committed to helping their clients make the most of their investments.

American Hartford Gold Group has been helping clients invest in precious metals for years. They are one of the largest and most experienced precious metals dealers in the United States, and they are dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service and prices.

 Excellent Rating on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a site where people can leave reviews for businesses. Many businesses use Trustpilot to show potential customers that they’re reputable.

American Hartford Gold is a precious metal and IRA company with an excellent rating on Trustpilot. In business since 1977, American Hartford Gold has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot.

When it comes to investing in precious metals, American Hartford Gold is a great option. They offer a variety of services and products, and their customer service is excellent. If you’re looking for a company to invest in precious metals with, American Hartford Gold is a great choice.

How To Buy Precious Metals from American Hartford Gold

AHG Gold Bar

When it comes to buying precious metals, American Hartford Gold is one of the best places to go. They have a wide selection of metals to choose from, and they offer competitive prices. Here is a list of steps to follow when buying precious metals from American Hartford Gold:

  1. Decide what type of precious metal you want to purchase. American Hartford Gold offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  2. Research the current prices of precious metals. This will help you determine how much you can afford to spend.
  3. Choose a payment method. American Hartford Gold accepts credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal.
  4. Place your order. Once you have decided on the type and quantity of precious metal you want to purchase, you can place your order online or over the phone.
  5. Once your purchase is complete, your precious metals will be delivered to your door in discreet, secure packaging.
gold 401k rollover

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

Over the years, Gold has played a significant part in storing wealth. More than being nature’s most complex asset, it has been resilient among the changes occurring around the stock market, the dollar exchanges, and other factors affecting its value.

Gold has been increasing its value by more than double. If you’re an investor looking into properties for investment, note that precious metals, such as Gold, guarantee you a higher return on investment (ROI).

Here are other advantages of investing in Gold:

  • It has a direct proportion relation with the living cost. Today, as the covid-19 spikes, the cost of living and inflation rate increase. Gold value does the same.
  • Investing in Gold is not that complex, and you do not have to look for a point person. It doesn’t need to go through papers for validity and thus, guarantees no counterparty risk.
  • Unlike Real Estate Investments, Gold needs no maintenance. A safe is enough to lock it up, and it survives through time.
  • Investment diversification is an excellent way of securing your future self, just as you are currently looking at different sources of income today for financial stability.
  • Finally, Gold is something you can quickly bring, sell, and carry around as you wish to. Gold comes in handy as you can also buy them gram per gram as your budget sets.

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

This is a kind of transfer from an eligible account and plans investment to a self-directed IRA, particularly for the client’s asset type. This could refer to precious metals such as Gold with a depository approved by an internal revenue service.

This is made possible by the Tax Payer Relief Act. Without it, citizens wouldn’t be allowed to own precious metals.

However, your chosen custodian would be responsible for holding this long-term investment for the owner. Besides your custodian, you will also need metal brokers that your custodian must know.

As the name suggests, Gold IRA over is for Gold, but you can always go for other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium. Companies have specific requirements for those precious metals to satisfy.

Qualified Accounts for Gold IRA


IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account, which was brought up by congress, passing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This is a federal law that sets minimum standards to ensure protection among individuals who will, of course, in time, reach the age of retirement.

Retirement Accounts such as Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, and Self-Directed are eligible for Gold Individual Retirement Account transfer.

With your new application form for a Self-Directed IRA, you will also submit a transfer request form with vital information, such as the amount you want to transfer. The transfer would be direct and could take 10-14 days. This could be lessened if your custodian permits a fax transfer.


If this is the client’s inactive existing plan, they used to be a part of the creator’s company but are no longer employed there. You can transfer to a gold IRA with this plan.

In some cases, with an active 401(k) employed at the age half a year before 60, you are eligible for an in-service distribution. This distribution occurs only for employed clients with a partial gold rollover that may be used for emergencies.

This could be transferred through both direct and indirect methods.

The indirect transfer would let you take over the check to be deposited into your account. In 60 days, you should be able to re-deposit it into your new Self-Directed IRA. Failing to do this would cost you tax and a 10% penalty. Your provider could transfer the amount to your new custodian in this direct method. The same techniques apply to plans 403(b), 457(b), and TSPs.

How to move 401k to Gold without penalty?

The client’s employee is already terminated with the company that provided him the 401(k) plan. This would automatically free the client from a penalty, unlike those still employed. The internal revenue service lets you move your tax-advanced savings once a year, which you could use to buy Gold.

Those who are non-eligible could subscribe to their company’s own plan choices, which could not include mutual funds for precious metals. Choosing self-directed would have the client manage or decide for its security.

The secret for a penalty-free gold IRA rollover is to change your employer, making you inactive for the 401(k) plan provider and fully eligible for the Gold IRA rollover.


Similar to the 401(k) plan, employed clients are still eligible for a partial gold IRA rollover through the in-service distribution. However, this plan is subscribed to by tax-exempt organizations and public schools employees, which may vie for a real gold IRA rollover after employment termination.


This retirement account plan is available to state and local government employees. 457(b) plan is only permitted to a Gold IRA rollover once their employment is terminated or if the client is over half 70 years old.


TSPs stands for Thrift Savings Plans. This is supported by the government and is specifically for Federal employees. TSPs plan subscribers are viable for A gold IRA rollover once their employment is terminated, which is the common requirement among different plans. Partial gold IRA rollover is also applicable if the client has reached the age of 59.5 and is still employed.

Without these accounts, it would be impossible for you to avail yourself of a Gold IRA rollover. Establishing a Self-Directed IRA with a custodian is your next step to achieving your goal.

Final Thoughts

Financial stability is always the first goal, then comes financial security. It is a much important aspect of life that people invest and works for. A Gold IRA rollover will help turn your hard-earned savings into Gold that can withstand the factors and changes affecting money.

The financial crisis is unpredictable, and it is almost certain to affect many businesses. Gold IRAs are a growing trend that enthusiasts recommend as an intelligent choice of investments for those near retirement. With the popularity and the rise of companies that offer this investment, transfers, and transactions have become more simplified. Make sure to check the track record of your desired company to subscribe to. Set your standards for their support, response, and credential. The company must be flexible to specific changes and provide you with the utmost transparency of your assets.

gold bars

The History of Gold

Gold has been one of the most important parts of society. The metal is also considered precious, among four more primary others, which means that it possesses qualities such as extreme durability, high rarity, and significant economic value.

That said, it’s easy to say that gold is a valuable asset that has played, and is still playing, a significant role in people’s daily lives. This applies no matter a person’s status because of the metal’s versatility.

Considering all the exemplary qualities that the said metal has, it’s understandable why people would be curious about the history of gold, specifically how it started, where it was first found, and its likes. These, along with other topics, are what this article will focus on in the next sections.

When Was Gold First Discovered?

Gold was first discovered between the eras of 3000 BC to 4000 BC. Information regarding the exact year and founder is still unknown because of how early its presence has been detected in civilization.

Some reports say that its official starting date comes up to 1320 BC, but archeologists found more proof to support the former claim. One thing is for sure, though – the metal’s very first use started in some parts of Europe and the Middle East, specifically in Egypt.

The discovery of gold first spread around Asia, starting from Iraq to China to the other nearby countries. It then led to Europe, specifically Greece, Great Britain, Spain, and then eventually reached the United States in 1803 AD.

By this time, gold was already deemed famous and used worldwide. Its discovery in the US also sparked the very first gold rush in the country.

Where Did Gold Originate From?

Gold has many stories regarding its origins. Some are logical and are based on scientific findings. On the flip side, some stories revolve around mythical origins and speculations.

Starting with the logical and truest side, gold originates from the remains of dead stars that fell on Earth. In the present, the society’s gold source is the Earth’s core, where the metals form through their interaction with underground lava and magma. This is the same reason why gold mines exist.

Now, speaking of mythical origins, many early civilizations in ancient times believed that gold came from divine sources. There was a story about King Midas, whose touch makes anything gold, and that the metals back then were remains of the said king. Other groups believed that the gold they found was either the tears or sweat of the sun god.

What are the Uses of Gold?

Gold Bar.

Because of the extremely high quality of gold and its reliable properties, humankind has used it for a lot of purposes in equally versatile fields. In the present, a person can expect to find gold wherever they are. Contrary to misconceptions, the said metal isn’t really that rare, which is a big plus to civilizations.

That said, what exactly are the uses of gold? See the three main things below:

Gold for Jewelry Making

The top use of gold points to jewelry making. From necklaces, anklets, bracelets to the smallest of earrings, rest assured that one can find a piece of gold jewelry in their country.

The connection between gold and jewelry and furniture making has long been around since 6,000 years ago, which makes it the earliest use for gold.

Gold for Beauty and Health

gold face mask

Gold has antioxidant properties. Because of this, the latest advancements in beauty and health came up with the use of gold for cosmetics, such as face masks, face packs, and other skincare products. There are even reports pertaining to Egypt using gold for the same purpose in 10,000 BCE.

To add, gold is also a common metal used in dentistry, specifically serving as a replacement for natural teeth.

Gold as a Commodity

Since 700 BC, gold was officially considered a currency of trade and exchange in several countries, including but not limited to England, Minor Asia, and the US. Currently, however, all countries already accept gold as a reserve, but not as the main currency. This makes the metal a commodity for major financing needs.

Gold Prices Over Time

gold investments

This section will talk about the gold prices over time and how they evolved throughout the years.

Data regarding gold prices date back to 1969 as the oldest. Back then, a gram of gold amounted to $41.40. It’s a low rate when looked at in the present, but it was a good starting price for commodities in the past. It played around $30 to $60 until 1973, and then eventually reached past the $100 point in 1974. In the said year, the metal is priced at $158.76.

Another milestone for gold happened in 1979, wherein gold had a price tag of $307.01 per gram. The year 1980 even saw a greater development because it reached $614.75. It incurred a rather big loss in the succeeding years until 2005 when the prices sunk to around $200 to $400. It only came back to the $600 point in 2006.

From 2010 up to the present, 2022, gold stayed in the $1,000 lane per gram. Specifically, it currently amounts to $1,890.73 in the latest year, an 8% increase from 2021 with $1,798.89.

Forecasts for the next five years show a continuous decline. According to the World Bank, the public should expect the metal to be priced at around $1,300 until 2035 because of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.


Gold has been around from 3000 BC to 4000 BC. It’s possible that it has been around longer and further in the past, but history considers the said date as the first one known to humankind when it comes to discovering the said metal.

Since then, gold has served a lot of purposes, including being used in jewelry, furniture pieces, dentistry, technology, and money.

Because of the many uses of gold, acting as currency, being the most significant, we can expect that its price in the financing and investment field will continue to rise in the coming years. It’s also in a good financial state in the present, amounting to $1,994 as of 2022.

On the last note, no matter what the specifics are, it’s evident that the society and its people have, and still are, given extreme importance to gold since it was discovered.